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What is Pranic Energy?

Nearly all cultures have a word for the unseen energy that animates all living things. The Indians call it “Prana”, the Chinese call it “Chi”, the Tibetans “Lung”, in Hebrew  it is called “Ruwha”, in Polynesian “Mana”. We don’t have a specific word in English but often refer to this energy: “I don’t like that persons energy”, “I don’t like the energy in that room”, and so on.

Pranic energy is universal life energy. It is within us and all around us, in the food we eat and in the air we breathe, in the plants, trees, animals, the sun and the stars. It is what makes something ‘alive’. The effects of loss of prana are obvious with fruit: the fruit is healthy and full of life when it comes from the tree, but leave it on the kitchen top for a few weeks and what happens? Now imagine what would happen if you could reverse this process and discover how to draw more energy into the body. This is what pranic energy healing offers.

Healing Benefits

Would you like more energy to do the things important to you? Would you like to realise your full potential? How would it feel to remove blockages in areas of your life? pranic energy healing allows you to draw more energy into yourself, your life and the activities you carry out. This energy is available to us all the time. You can learn to better understand the situations that drain energy and how to deal with them. Benefits of pranic healing include;

  • Become happier

  • Realise your full potential

  • Become more energised

  • Improved ability to concentrate

  • Enhanced memory

  • Increase in internal motivational and drive

  • Healthier mind and body

“Is it not true that the rose that flowers in the garden benefits the whole garden?” – Rudolph Steiner