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A few testimonials from our happy clients

 Very happy with the course, more than expected. Paul you are an amazing teacher. I enjoyed every day, looking forward to level 2.

LORRAINE, Healer, Coolum

During the treatment I felt all my chakras light up and radiate. I felt pure, white clean and healthy. I felt like I was 10 cm taller after the treatment, and there was warmth and so much space in my pelvis (which is usually very tight). All muscles relaxed. Thank you!’

EVA, Bowen Therapist, Sunshine Coast.

Just wanted to thank you for your work yesterday. I felt better this morning and more motivated and enthusiastic than I have done for weeks. I’m already working through my list of stuff to do that has been piling up for weeks and feel ready to move forward with my life.

LIV, Business Owner.

After a lot of manual labour and concreting my back became intensely painful, it hurt walking and I was loosing sleep. I sort the help of a proficient pranic healer knowing the effect it has on the emotional and physical bodies. After one treatment which included a hip alignment my back was remarkably better, pain reduced by no less that half what it was. The treatment was very professional. I’d recommend to anyone.

JOHN, Labourer

The teaching helped me in my work role to have more positive, efficient energy levels, also to protect against picking up negative energy from others. The ongoing practice of this modality has helped me grow spiritually and improved relationships with all my family and friends. Everyone needs a bit of healing energy. Thanks Paul huge benefits from your loving positive energy. The philosophy and practice is beautiful and life changing for myself and others.

ANTHONY, Youth Worker